Why Aikido . . . & why Front Room Dojo?

“Practice, the path of mastery, exists only in the present” (Leonard).

Aikido offers intentional and attentional practices to develop care and compassion for other humans as well as the natural world.  With my eclectic education, training, and crosscultural experience, I bring uncommon breadth and depth of perspective to this practice.

“One must learn to gauge, both physically and spiritually, the distance between self and other while remaining centered” (Ueshiba).

Aikido cultivates relationship, on multiple levels.  Self-defense, exercise for health, cultivation of community, and a way to grow fully in one’s humanness are all possible through Aikido practice.

“The tricky part is learning to lose your ego without losing your balance.  The stronger you are the more you can give of yourself.  The more you give of yourself, the stronger you can be” (Leonard).

Simply, I offer instruction in a practice that cultivates awareness, enhances one’s physical sense of being present in the world, as well as encouraging a perspective that is inclusive and wholistic.  Body, mind, and spirit are welcomed into practice on the mat.  From engagement with practice, one’s body may become more flexible, and one’s mind as well.

“Aikido is an intuitive study of human life” (Gleason).

Real world applications are in fields such as conflict facilitation, education, counseling, coaching, consulting, management, leadership training, as well as in the varied relationships that one engages with throughout the day.

Join us in practice!


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